I am a 24 year old male living in the midwest with a passion for an obsession with video games. I enjoy RPGs, Metroidvania-style adventure games, and anything quirky or weird. Story is key for me, but to keep my interest, the game’s gotta be fun.

Aside from gaming, I love listening to sweet techno music, creating artistic wonders (video/design/3D modeling/animation), and hanging out with my girlfriend and her cat. And eating pizza. And chicken wings. And other stuff that is less important.

To play games with me and/or my podcast co-hosts, here’s how you can find us:
Drew: @turbogamer_me (Twitter), turbocats (PSN), TurboCats (Steam), turbocats_me (Gamecenter)
Mark: @crewzy (Twitter), xxmastercr3wzxx (Xbox Live), crewzy (Steam)
Zach: @zacharypbush (Twitter), Ninja85 (League of Legends), bachzums (Steam)

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