The Turbogamer Podcast – Episode 10 – HISTORIC CONTROVERSY

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On this episode of The Turbogamer Podcast, we celebrate our 10th episode by going of tons of “controversial” news, including Skyrim’s expansion/DLC Dawnguard, the (non)cancellation of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, another Final Fantasy XIII title being developed, and more. And we talk about a bunch of other news. And what games are coming up. And what we’ve been playing. So…yeah, buckle up, because it’s a rather long journey, but won’t you take it with us?

Oh yeah, the giveaway! That’s probably why you’re reading this. We drew giveaway winners, and I will be in contact with each of you shortly. Thanks for sending in your letters, and we hope that you not only continue to listen, but also tell all of your friends to listen. Because the podcast is just that awesome.

Any feedback that you could provide would be appreciated (feedback [at] turbogamer [dot] me, Twitter, Facebook, or leave a comment below).


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