The Turbogamer Podcast – Episode 7 – We Still Have Free Games To Give Away…

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On this episode of The Turbogamer Podcast, we talk about a bit of the aftermath of this year’s E3, along with info on WWDC , the Microsoft Surface Tablet, and a ton of recently revealed upcoming games. By the way, we still have free games to give away!

If you’d like to enter our drawing to win free games, send an email to feedback [at] turbogamer [dot] me with the following content:

Subject: Giveaway

Put your Twitter username in the message and be sure to follow us on Twitter.
Ask us a question about anything (gaming related is best, but we’d like to hear from you).

That’s all that you’ve gotta do, and you’ll be entered to win a pre-purchase of Torchlight II (including the original Torchlight). The second place prize will be the most recent Humble Indie Bundle. We may even have a third prize to give away…

Any feedback that you could provide would be appreciated (feedback [at] turbogamer [dot] me, Twitter, Facebook, or leave a comment below).


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